Build Your Music Career Through World-Class Mentors


The online summit
where famous musicians
share their secrets of success &
inspiring behind-the-scene stories.


What is WhiiseCon?


WhiiseCon is an annual 3-day online conference with one rule:

Only successful musicians
are invited to speak.

We all see or hear musicians becoming household names & making a living doing what they love.

What do they wish they knew when they were younger?
How was their life when they were starting out?
Why do they make it, while others don't?
What are their biggest challenges?

But mainly: What are they doing differently?


Who is WhiiseCon for?



Learn from successful musicians

WhiiseCon aims to inspire musicians to step up and build their dream careers, by learning from already famous and successful musicians who've been there and know what it takes.


Music fans

Meet your idols & role-models

WhiiseCon aims to help music fans connect with their favourite musicians through fun, behind-the-scene stories, giving them a sneak peek of their busy lives.

It's online, it's free

Our mission is to inspire.
Inspiration to success is priceless.
We just made it available for everyone.

Not an individual?

If you are a music label, collective, university, or music company:
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Who is speaking at WhiiseCon?


Speaker lineup for WhiiseCon 2018 will be announced in August.

Please check back or
get your free ticket
to be the first to know.