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Learn how to understand your target market and develop multiple revenue streams

 Gabi Huckins

Your Instructor: Graham Hunter

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Do you want to understand who your fans are and how to target them?

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It's awful, we feel you. That's why we called Graham Hunter to help. 💪

Graham, former Director of Marketing at Patreon, is a music technologist dedicated to empower musicians and teach them how to make a living off their music.









He can help you, too!


⚡️ Access Now & Forever ⚡️

3-hour Masterclass with Graham Hunter

1️⃣Learn about your target market and how to find them

2️⃣Discover how to develop new revenue channels

3️⃣Understand how to take your community online in order to develop subscription revenue

Every aspect of the industry is covered. All your questions are answered and you get to know one of the nicest people in the industry who cares about your success."

"I am happy to rave about this because it changed my life and I am eternally grateful to Michelle for being so amazing, wonderful, helpful, and smart!  Do it!.”

-April Kelly, Songwriter


Meet your Instructor

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Michelle Lockey

Michelle Lockey is the CEO & Founder of Michelle Lockey Music and Licensing Songs Academy. She formed Licensing Songs Academy to help teach others about music licensing, the music licensing business, create business plans and set goals to open up this new income stream for their music.

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Michelle has had placements in various shows including: Amazon Prime's Good Girls Revolt, Young Sheldon First Look Trailer, The Voice, The CW's Reign & The Originals, USA’s Benched & No Tomorrow, The Fosters, Inside the PGA, Longmire, and she landed the Theme song to MAVTv’s Gear Heads.


"Michelle's voice always sounds very genuine, like a real human behind the mic singing straight from the heart."

- Isha Erskine, Grammy-winning and
multi-platinum producer


"Why do I absolutely need this masterclass?"

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Because... if you want to build a community and make money off your music, these are your options:

Wonder what you're doing wrong


Learn how to create multiple revenue streams


One step closer to your dream community


What could I achieve?

  1. Learn about your “target market” and how to find them.
  2. Learn how to develop new revenue channels. 
  3. Learn about taking your community online and developing subscription revenue.

How will I learn?

  • Lectures and presentation (for knowledge and insights)
  • Templates, exercises & workbooks (for personalisation)
  • 1-on-1 mentoring (for feedback & accountability)
  • Recorded videos & additional resources (for self-paced learning)
In love

Who is it for?

  1. Perfect for musicpreneurs, singers / songwriters, bands, & live electronic musicians/DJs.
  2. Those looking to grow their audience.
  3. Those who work hard and hustle, regardless of their age, genre, or location.

"Michelle is, first and foremost, a professional. It's always a pleasure to work with her."

"She is creative and productive across a range of styles, from collaborating on epic trailer music through to earthy folk songs and lush ambient productions. She knows how the industry works which lead to her development of a course on music licensing which she delivers to musicians, artists and composers wanting to learn how to commercialize their abilities. An all-round professional"
- Rob Oxenbridge, Cypher Music

Knowledge & Tools for Winners


Join the Masterclass now & access:




Accountability Tools


Deeper Knowledge

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▶️ Live Masterclass with Chat & Recorded Version


💾 Downloadable Presentation

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🎯 Goal-Setting Manual & Instructions


📝 Accountability Diary

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💬 Student Lounge, Tools, & Hacks


🎁 Exclusive Freebies

"I was hoping to find a few more answers about licensing, and was happily blown away with the straightforward facts that began to be laid out for us as students."

"The world of TV/Film licensing can seem mysterious and overwhelming at first, to say the least, and in my experience, pretty difficult to find true answers in a business that can harbor companies looking to make a buck off artists trying to make it."

- Kristin Chambers, Nubble Road Music
and Publishing LLC


What previous Whiise Masterclass participants say...

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It's nice to feel like part of something bigger and be on the same journey! I'm so glad that I'm part of a community!

// emily johnson (london, UK)



I love this programme just because I get the chance to interact with such amazing people!

// Sebastian Rosales (Bogota, Colombia)


I am grateful for the 100-day challenge!

It might be a lot of hard work and there have been days when I haven’t slept at all, but I know that when I’m done, I will be set for the next 6 months!

// Ferenc Nemeth  (New york, USA)


Market Your Next Album

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LIVE 3-hour masterclass, Tuesday, June 19th

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Lifetime access: videos, tools & resources

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Tools & challenges for 100 days!

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Access 'How To Find & Lead Your Tribe' Masterclass

  1. ▶️ LIVE 3-hour masterclass
  2. ⚡️ Proven strategies
  3. 💾 Download presentation
  4. ⏺ Recorded version (lifetime)
  5. 📝 Accountability workbook
  6. 🎯 Goal-setting Manual
  7. 🎁 Additional resources
Premium package

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Unlimited access to all Masterclasses for a year (value $2,376)

Includes 'How To Find & Lead Your Tribe', but also:

  1. 💰 Get 100 Paying Fans
  2. 📈 Expand Your YouTube Audience
  3. 🚀 Grow & Engage Your Fanbase
  4. ⚖ Master Productivity & Balance

And soon 19 more masterclasses on topics such as:

  • Build Your Business Model
  • Build your Music Licensing Business
  • Market Your Next Album
  • Launch Your Music Project
  • Connect With Music Influencers
  • Become Successful On Patreon
  • Book A House Concert Tour
  • Crowdfund Your Next Album
  • Produce A Professional Demo

...and more!


    ...And access $2,376 of value with just $199!

    Our mentors have worked with:

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