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Create a strong Patreon launch plan to connect and grow your relationship with your superfans

 Gabi Huckins

Your Instructor: Nate Maingard

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Are you trying to build an audience on Patreon but nobody seems to notice you?

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It's awful, we feel you. That's why we called Nate Maingard to help. 💪

Nate, modern troubadour and one of the top 100 musicians on Patreon, is helping musicpreneurs globally to create a catching Patreon page, meet new fans and engage with their audience.


He can help you, too!


⚡️ Access Now & Forever ⚡️

3-hour Masterclass with Nate Maingard

1️⃣Create a Patreon page which will get you stand out

2️⃣Build a lasting relationship with your superfans

3️⃣Launch a business plan which will make you successful on Patreon

“Nate Maingard is one hell-of-a performer"

"Friendly, warm, full of passion and stories, he brings you in and takes you on a journey that you won't soon forget. Nate's songs and voice are fresh and yet represent the kind of well crafted, soaring sounds that will never go out of style."

- Rafe Offer, Co-founder of Sofar Sounds


Meet your Instructor

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Nate Maingard

Nate Maingard is a South-Africa-based folk troubadour and is in the top 100 musicians on Patreon. His music encompasses irresistible hooks, uplifting enlightenment, and shamanistic energy.


In addition, Maingard has been a speaker at Darker Music Talks and has given guest lectures at SAE London and SAE Amsterdam. 


"Every now and then, you come across unusually moving art by an incredible artist with a gentleness you have always believed existed."

"It stirs you in a way you have always longed to, and makes your heart ache in the most beautiful way possible. It allows you a moment of comfort in a society that is constantly telling you that you do not need to be in touch with your emotions. This art feels familiar, like coming back to a home you did not know existed. Like you can finally set down your bags and just rest. It gives a voice to the emotions you have silenced for reasons you do not understand."

- The Bandaids Blog


"Why do I absolutely need this masterclass?"

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Because... if you don't know how to build an audience, these are your options:

Wonder why nobody notices you on Patreon


Make your time worthwhile and plan for success


One step closer to your successful Patreon career


What could I achieve?

  1. Create an attractive Patreon page which tells your story and inspires your superfans to pledge.
  2. Grow a direct relationship with your most committed superfans. 
  3. Create a Patreon Launch Plan so you get off to a great start.

How will I learn?

  • Lectures and presentation (for knowledge and insights)
  • Templates, exercises & workbooks (for personalisation)
  • 1-on-1 mentoring (for feedback & accountability)
  • Recorded videos & additional resources (for self-paced learning)
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Who is it for?

  1. Perfect for musicpreneurs, singers / songwriters, bands, & live electronic musicians/DJs.
  2. Those looking to be financially successful on Patreon.
  3. Those who work hard and hustle, regardless of their age, genre, or location.

"It was a truly wonderful performance which changed my perspective on music, and how it can be used to heal and unite."

"I was up until late on Youtube watching your content. I have since found a greater sense of clarity as to why I am on this earth, and what it is that I need to be doing with my time here.”
- Mikyle

Knowledge & Tools for Winners


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Accountability Tools


Deeper Knowledge

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▶️ Live Masterclass with Chat & Recorded Version


💾 Downloadable Presentation

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🎯 Goal-Setting Manual & Instructions


📝 Accountability Diary

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💬 Student Lounge, Tools, & Hacks


🎁 Exclusive Freebies

"I've been unemployed for the first 6 months of this year and found it hard but still chosen to support Nate"

"... as he changed my life so much for the better. I was an angry and vexed individual and not really living or enjoying life. Since I discovered his YouTube stuff, my life has turned around!"

- Paul


What previous Whiise Masterclass participants say...

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It's nice to feel like part of something bigger and be on the same journey! I'm so glad that I'm part of a community!

// emily johnson (london, UK)



I love this programme just because I get the chance to interact with such amazing people!

// Sebastian Rosales (Bogota, Colombia)


I am grateful for the 100-day challenge!

It might be a lot of hard work and there have been days when I haven’t slept at all, but I know that when I’m done, I will be set for the next 6 months!

// Ferenc Nemeth  (New york, USA)


Become Successful On Patreon in 100 Days! 😎

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LIVE 3-hour masterclass, Saturday June 16th

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Lifetime access: videos, tools & resources

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Tools & challenges for 100 days!

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Enroll Now 

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Access 'Become Successful On Patreon' Masterclass

  1. ▶️ LIVE 3-hour masterclass
  2. ⚡️ Proven strategies
  3. 💾 Download presentation
  4. ⏺ Recorded version (lifetime)
  5. 📝 Accountability workbook
  6. 🎯 Goal-setting Manual
  7. 🎁 Additional resources
Premium package

All-Access Yearly Pass


Unlimited access to all Masterclasses for a year (value $2,376)

Includes 'Become Successful on Patreon', but also:

  1. 💰 Get 100 Paying Fans
  2. 📈 Expand Your YouTube Audience
  3. 🚀 Grow & Engage Your Fanbase
  4. ⚖ Master Productivity & Balance

And soon 19 more masterclasses on topics such as:

  • Build Your Business Model
  • Find & Lead Your Tribe
  • Get Started In Music Licensing
  • Launch Your Music Project
  • Connect With Music Influencers
  • Market Your Next Album
  • Book A House Concert Tour
  • Crowdfund Your Next Album
  • Produce A Professional Demo

...and more!


    ...And access $2,376 of value with just $199!

    Our mentors have worked with:

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