Shannon Curtis 


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Shannon is a maker of music, writer, performer, storyteller and mentor. Since 2011 she has done close to 250 house concerts and she's been constantly evolving her approaches and techniques for how to create the best possible concert experience.

She guides others toward sustainable and thriving community-driven-and-supported careers in independent art, like in her best-selling book, "No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K on a 2-Month House Concert Tour, And How You Can, Too.”

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    Q&A with Shannon

    + Who are you?

    I’m Shannon Curtis. I live with my husband, independent record producer Jamie Hill, in Tacoma, Washington, where we’re building a residential recording studio and mentorship retreat in our home. I have been a working artist for the last 20 years, and music-making has been my sole source of income since 2008.

    + What's your current job?

    In the last 7 years, Jamie and I have developed a unique method of house concert touring that has resulted in the building of a rich, engaged, and growing community of supporters for the music I make. We wrote a book about it — a complete how-to manual detailing everything we’ve learned — so that other artists can emulate what we’ve done to create a sustainable, thriving, and fulfilling career path for themselves, on their own terms, through house concerts. It’s called “No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K on a 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can, Too).”

    + What do you specialise in?

    I specialize in helping other artists visualize and chart a course toward a fully independent career in music, from coaching them in our house concert methodology, to engaging a community of people to support their work through crowdfunding campaigns, to the DIY skills useful for building an independent career in music.

    + What are your greatest achievements?

    I consider my greatest achievement to be that I have created for myself a career making music, which exists entirely on my own terms and outside of the music industry establishment, which is thriving and growing, and which will enable me to make music-making my life’s work. When people ask me what “making it” means to me, this is my answer. I’ve created a situation in which I get to live my life making art; and for me, that means I’ve made it.

    + What's your experience?

    It is my passion and joy to share all that I’ve learned with others who want to create this kind of life for themselves, because I believe the world is a better place when creators are empowered to create. I look forward to talking with you about creating your career making music.

    + What can you help with?

    -How to leverage your existing community of supporters to find hosts for your house concerts.

    -How to organize the concerts to maximize the engagement of the audience as well as your income.

    -How to bring new supporters into your community at your concerts.

    -How to plan an engaging show that makes a genuine connection with an audience.

    -How to create profitable merchandise strategies.

    -How to schedule and route a tour of house concerts.

    -How to formulate strategies for profitable touring.

    -How to engage your community in crowdfunding campaigns.