Phillip Ryan Block


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Who are you?

I am Phillip Ryan Block, the Founder & General Manager of Independent Ear.


What's your current job? 

Besides Independent Ear, I am also the Co-Founder & CEO of Block Media Group LLC and I sit on the Board of Directors for Notes To The Soul, Inc.


What do you specialise in?



What are your greatest achievements?

Over the years, Independent Ear has represented dozens of bands from around the world & has released close to 100 projects. We have had artists appear on charts such Billboard & iTunes as well as tour throughout the US as well as internationally. One of which has toured with the legendary ZZ Top. I have had many great achievements over the years, some of which I mentioned in the sentence above but the greatest in my opinion is that I was able to build a company and start a movement with little to no outside funding & a shit ton of hard work. I get the highest sense of joy when I see one of my artists become who they want to be & experience their dreams.


Impress with your years of experience!

7 years ago I started in the music industry by launching Independent Ear, at the time is was a DIY music label that was built on the premise that the music industry was (& still is) fucked up & that relationships change the game.

The last 24 months tell more of my journey then all of the prior years combined, I was fired from the day job that I had in the early years while I was building IE in January of 2016. Ever since I have been all in on my passion & in fact expanded on that by launching Block Media Group, a digital/social/creative/ad agency focused on working with other creatives to get their stories out into the world & develop true connections over just attention.

On a personal note (as this is my bio, I get to do that) in January of 2017 I launched a vlog called the “DailyBlock”, my mission with the vlog is to show entrepreneurs & other creatives who are in the early stages of their journey that you can make an impact and positively influence/inspire those around them all while building their empire.

Earlier in 2018, I made possibly the biggest move in my career… I “sold” off my first company in one of the most strategic moves my team could of possibly constructed. Notes To The Soul, a non-profit organization focused on music industry/artist career development. We are now one of the world’s ONLY non-profit based music labels/publishing houses.


What can you share your experience on? What can you help with?

My experience in the music industry is rather vast because I have been hands in the development of every aspect of building the company from booking to audio production to radio to social media strategy development to artist management/development, but at the end of the day when all the smoke has cleared and dust has settled, I am here to help you become a better, more effective version of you… one who is fully living at their best & will never give up on that belief.

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