Phillip Ryan Block


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Phillip Ryan Block is a Music Entrepreneur on a mission to do cool things with cool people & to massive amounts of value. 

He is the Founder and General Manager of Independent Ear, a music marketing, booking and promotion company which has represented dozens of bands across the globe.

Phillip is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Block Media Group, an award winning interactive design and creative social marketing firm founded in 2017 with offices in Illinois, Vermont & New York.

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Q&A with Phillip

+ Who are you?

I am Phillip Ryan Block, the Founder & General Manager of Independent Ear.

+ What's your current job?

Besides Independent Ear, I am also the Co-Founder & CEO of Block Media Group LLC and I sit on the Board of Directors for Notes To The Soul, Inc.

+ What's your experience?

7 years ago I started in the music industry by launching Independent Ear, at the time is was a DIY music label that was built on the premise that the music industry was (& still is) fucked up & that relationships change the game.

The last 24 months tell more of my journey then all of the prior years combined, I was fired from the day job that I had in the early years while I was building IE in January of 2016. Ever since I have been all in on my passion & in fact expanded on that by launching Block Media Group, a digital/social/creative/ad agency focused on working with other creatives to get their stories out into the world & develop true connections over just attention. On a personal note (as this is my bio, I get to do that) in January of 2017 I launched a vlog called the “DailyBlock”, my mission with the vlog is to show entrepreneurs & other creatives who are in the early stages of their journey that you can make an impact and positively influence/inspire those around them all while building their empire.

Earlier in 2018, I made possibly the biggest move in my career… I “sold” off my first company in one of the most strategic moves my team could have possibly constructed to Notes To The Soul, a non-profit organization focused on music industry/artist career development. We are now one of the world’s ONLY non-profit based music labels/publishing houses.

+ What can you share your experience on? What can you help with?

My experience in the music industry is rather vast because I have been hands in the development of every aspect of building the company from booking to audio production to radio to social media strategy development to artist management/development, but at the end of the day when all the smoke has cleared and dust has settled, I am here to help you become a better, more effective version of you… one who is fully living at their best & will never give up on that belief.

+ What are your greatest achievements?

Over the years, Independent Ear has represented dozens of bands from around the world & has released close to 100 projects. We have had artists appear on charts such Billboard & iTunes and tour throughout the US as well as internationally. One of which has toured with the legendary ZZ Top. I have had many great achievements over the years, some of which I mentioned in the sentence above but the greatest in my opinion is that I was able to build a company and start a movement with little to no outside funding & a shit ton of hard work. I get the highest sense of joy when I see one of my artists become who they want to be & experience their dreams.

+ Perhaps suggest some questions mentee's can ask you!

-How do you build a brand around your music?

-When you are doing everything on your own, how do you actually get things accomplished?

-How do you document the process of recording an project?