How it works 


It's simple!

1. Book your session.

2. Wait for your confirmation email

3. Click the link and join the video call.

4. Share your experience!


Prepare for the session

💻 Make the most out of your session, don’t let the technical issues get in your way!

🔉 Make sure your speakers, camera and microphone are working, try doing the Zoom test video call before the scheduled time of the session.

📶 Check that your bandwidth can handle video conferencing, the recommended minimum is 600kbps (up/down) for HQ video and 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video. Do a speed test prior to the session, with enough time to accommodate location changes if necessary.

🗣 Be ready to tell the Mentor your story, a specific problem you have or just come up with a list of questions. The Mentors are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you, so it is in your best interested to make the most out of it.

💭 Be respectful, don’t ask personal questions and don’t insist a Mentor reveal confidential information.

⏰ Finally - don’t be late! If you show up late to the session it’s up to the Mentor to decide whether he/she would like to extend the session to make up for the lost time, however they have the right to finish the session as scheduled as they are active professionals within the business who very well might have other meetings and/or appointments.