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Andrew Apanov, the “Musician’s Web Keeper,” is the founder of Dotted Music, a digital marketing agency for music brands.

He's also the creator of a growth training and community platform for artists called WeSpin, and the host of the Music Growth Talks podcast, interviewing guests from various fields of the music business.

Andrew has been in the industry for 15 years, as editor-in-chief of Ultimate Guitar, live events promoter, drum & bass DJ, consultant, blogger, and speaker.

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Q&A with Andrew

+ Who are you?

I’m Andrew Apanov, the founder of a digital marketing agency for music brands called Dotted Music. I’m also a founder of WeSpin, a music business and marketing training and community platform for musicians (which you will get a complimentary lifetime access to if you book a session with me).

+ What's your current job?

As a head of a music marketing agency I oversee all campaigns for our clients, who are primarily indie musicians, and lead a number of ongoing campaigns myself. I help our artists grow stronger brands and bigger audiences online, as well as engage and monetize their fans (i.e. giving your fans an opportunity to get closer to you through financial contributions).

+ What's your experience?

I’ve been in the music business for 15 years, as an Editor-in-chief of (the world's biggest guitar website), live events promoter, radio host, drum & bass DJ, consultant, blogger and speaker. I’m also a host of the Music Growth Talks podcast, and have published over 100 episodes featuring some of the most forward-thinking representatives of the music industry.

+ What can you share your experience on? What can you help with?

While there are other music business topics I could consult you with, you will get the most out of a session with me if you have questions about your release or content strategies, making more sense of your social media presence, defining your "voice" and brand online, turning indifferent "followers" into true fans, and earning money through direct-to-fan techniques which work in this day and age.

+ What are your greatest achievements?

The Dotted Music agency has helped over a hundred music brands. Most of our artists have seen their careers grow a lot faster thanks to the campaigns we ran for them (and one of the achievements I want to highlight is that fact that a lot of our artists stay with us for years) with a few particularly successful case studies like the Flesh Roxon one which made us a finalist in the MIDEM marketing competition in 2015. As for myself, I've been a speaker at numerous conferences in the past several years, although you can find more about me at

+ Perhaps suggest some questions mentee's can ask you!

-How can I improve how I promote myself on social media?

-Too few people interact with what I put out online, how can I change that?

-How can I reach new people on social media?

-I have a bunch of new music material, what are the best ways to release it?

-I understand that I need to be more active on social media, but I don't understand it / don't have content to share / don't have time to deal with it. What should I do?