'Get Paying Fans' 7-day challenge

Can you follow through this simple-yet-effective challenge?


Here's how it works:

βœ… Enter the 7-day challenge
πŸ•’ Spend 15 mins every morning following the steps
😍 Come out with a system that attracts more paying fans

In brief

πŸ“ Task: Set up a system which encourages your fans to join you on a journey, increasing online sales of your products by making fans β€œearn” special deals.

🎯 Method: Explained in-detail in the 7-day challenge.

πŸ“ˆ Goal Type: Acquisition, Engagement, Monetisation

πŸ• Time Cost: Medium (>1 hour)

πŸ’° Monetary Cost: None


Challenge expires in:


Challenge expires in: