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Are you the 91%?

Research has shown that 91% of music artists globally are undiscovered. That's a staggering number!

Especially, if you consider the 2M artists on Spotify, who have spent time & money to learn their craft, record their music professionally, and get it distributed globally...

...Only to get nothing in return (beyond a play from their mom & friends).


From now on, 91% means 'Undiscovered'.

Do you belong in this 91%?

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The 7% is your next goal

If 91% means 'Undiscovered',
then 7% means 'Promising'.


Before you run, stand up & walk.

We all know musicians who want to go from Undiscovered to Mainstream in 8 months.

This is unrealistic - except if you're Lorde*.

For your music baby to grow into a fully-grown adult, you first need to learn how to walk - and be the best at it!

*She actually blasted from Undiscovered to Mainstream in less than 8 months. She's the Sheldon Cooper of the music industry.

You won't be the 91% forever.

Oh c'mon, we know how you feel.

You can't wait to walk & run already. You're passionate about your music baby, which deserves the best, like the baby in the picture.*

But it's hard to stand up yet again after you've failed to make the first step...

Have you seen a baby complain, though? They try again till they get what they want.

So will you. You will not be Undiscovered forever.

*We almost cried with the picture of this cute baby wearing Nirvana. Real story.

We can help your music baby grow & run.

You're tired of falling.

But you know you belong in the 7%. Or even in the mainstream.

You've been searching for ways to escape the 91%. From the vast corners of the Internet, you came to us. Good choice.*

We have world-class mentors & masterclasses to help you go from Undiscovered to Promising - and who knows, sky's the limit!

*BTW, it's 90.7% and 6.8%. To be precise.

What the 7% is NOT

For a quick reality check, you're NOT the 7% if you:

  1. Create music for the sole purpose of keeping it to yourself
  2. Believe that people will discover your music, simply because it's great
  3. Demand to make an income, because you've invested too much in your music*

*Between you and me, if you have this kind of attitude, you're also kind of a jerk.


The life of the 7%

Being the 7% - a Promising music artist - means 3 things*:

  1. Creating things that people want - beyond music recordings

  2. Developing a unique relationship with your audience - your superfans

  3. Generating enough revenue to fund your lifestyle & grow in your music baby

*Well, there's a 4th thing: hard & smart work. Period.

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The Only Unlimited*
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Access 15+ music masterclasses, tools & practical guides by world-class mentors.

New resources added every month.

$199 / year

*There's no note, just messing with you.

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